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Why is there no panel?

Since SlimPup uses the Openbox window manager, panels are unnecessary. You can right-click the desktop for the main menu, and middle-click to show all windows in all workspaces.

How do I install SlimPup?

Right-click the desktop, go to Settings, then Control Panel. When it opens, click the "Install" tab and click the "Puppy Universal Installer." Use this to install SlimPup to the desired destination. Then, go to the "Drive" tab in the Control Panel and click "GRUB." Install GRUB and you're set to go.

How do I change the color of the files in the file manager?

Just right-click anywhere in the file manager, click "Options," and go to "Colours" on the left pane to change the colors for the filenames.

I'm using Puppy Linux and it won't connect to my WEP-encrypted network!

Input the password in HEX instead of ASCII. Or type "s:" before the password.